Debra Boyer, PhD
Applied Anthropologist

Offering Anthropological Perspectives and Methods to Address Human Problems
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Brief Ethnographic Assessments
Researchers explore social conditions and issues in depth, identifying significant factors and relationships in short time frames.  Brief Ethnographic Assessments provide a broad overview of a group, organization, or sub-culture, and insights that inform policies, programs, and interventions.

Who Pays the Price: Assessment of Youth Involvement In Prostitution in Seattle 
Commissioned by the City of Seattle Human Services Department, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Division
Ethnographic Assessment of Homeless Street Populations
Commissioned by United Way of King County

Stay Alive Tonight: An Ethnographic Assessment of Homeless Women
Commissioned by United Way of King County

View Town Hall Forum - In Our Backyard: A Closer Look at the Sex Trafficking of Local Girls -  Debra Boyer, PhD - Panelist